Bright Lights Dim Sights

A studio project working with graphic elements generated with creative coding (p5js) as a springboard to develop various outcomes to explore the possibilities of computer generated design.

Comprises of;
a light box artefact, a website, and a prototype app

Level 2 BA Design Communication
Light has always been an essential part of our everyday lives, it improves our vision and boosts our productivity. Rapid urbanisation and technological advancements have resulted in increased access to electricity for many cities, in turn, providing a source of unlimited artificial light. Urbanised megacities around the world are then electrically charged and ready to work beyond the limitations of daylight hours. Some of these most urbanised cities are the very same cities that shine the brightest at night.
Although mesmerising from above, sparkling brightly in the dark face of the earth, the people and animals living in these cities are greatly affected by the negative impacts of this large amount of redundant luminance, in other words, light pollution.

Intrigued by the relationship between the level of urbanization of cities in relation to their brightness, my project collects and compares data from the brightest cities to the ones that are engulfed in darkness.