Coloured Thread on Cotton Aida Cloth

Group Studio Exercise:
Urban Fieldworks

Level 2 BA Design Communication
Urban Fieldworks is an exercise that investigates the ordinary happenings and encounters found within an urban landscape.

Inspired by Patrick Kochlik’s Scenescapes, we were intrigued by how physical experiences that were seemingly intangible, can be captured through our senses and be translated into a data set. Through this project, we too worked with our senses and explored how we were able to translate physically felt textures found in nature, specifically tree barks, into a data set and eventually a physical artefact.

Through the collection of 20 unique tree bark rubbings, a process of obtaining a physical imprint of tree textures that involved the physical rubbing of oil pastels on paper placed directly over the barks, we were able to study how the textures of different trees varied in roughness and texture.
With the help of a grid system, we were able to clearly distinguish the concentration of bumps per area, resulting in a unique percentage of concentration of bumps per tree.
The results were then categorised into four different intensity of roughness, which then helped to determine the colours to be used for the stitching.

The final deliverable was presented through a physical artefact as we wanted our initial curiosity towards the textures to be brought forward and translated into the artefact itself.